Hey everyone,

My name is Kaipo but on the radio, I go by DJ Dandy.  I have show every Wednesdays called On The Corner of Apples and Diamonds on KTUH FM Honolulu.  I play a lot of classic rock, songs that are somewhat known and songs that are relatively unknown.  Overall it’s a feel good experience for all ages and I hope I bring some joy into waking up to go to work or school every Wednesdays.  My show structure is relatively simple.  I split my show into the three hours I am allotted.  The first hour is strictly Beatles, along with recordings of all four during their solo periods and some covers of Beatles songs by other artists.  The second hour is anything that comes to my mind.  I can play anything from the Who to the Kinks to the Grateful Dead to the Velvet Underground.  It’s just a wide variety of music during that hour.  And the third hour is Elvis Hour, which is Elvis music intertwined with other music from other artists.  But thanks for listening and if you want to ask questions, have a comment, or want to request a song, you can call (808)-956-7261 while I’m in the studio from 6-9 AM on Wednesdays or you can e-mail me at kpunohu@hawaii.edu.  Feedback is highly encouraged (whether good or bad).  Thanks for listening!

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